Who are the Team Network Member Service Providers?

The people you would meet at a Team Network function are entrepreneurial in nature. You would find mostly a room full of “Main Street” type business owners. You would also find presidents of companies, managers, independent contractors and top-level sales people. The members of Team Network are positive, optimistic and friendly. They believe in maintaining high standards of honesty and integrity in the way they do business. They also believe that building a business by word-of-mouth is the best way, and they want to associate with others who feel the same.


Why Do Members Join and Why Do They Stay?

The members of Team Network join primarily because they want more referrals to grow their respective businesses, and those who participate and give the most tend to receive to most referrals in return. However, the true value of what they get out membership goes far beyond that. The members LOVE to drop the Team Network name when they are in need of help, or they need a product or a service. By association, our members automatically become accountable to the way they treat one another. It’s also important that we use and refer good, honest companies to our friends and customers and members regularly do so with confidence.

Plus, we learn so much from one another. We grow as business people. We become better at what we do in our own businesses. We save so much valuable time. More often than not our members save money doing business with fellow members. So much so, that that benefit alone pays for the cost membership over and over each year.


Bottom line is, it’s all about the relationships. If you are looking for a way to build real, mutually beneficial relationships that will last a lifetime, no other networking organization of its kind does that better than Team Network.