One of the benefits of membership in Team Network is having an outsourced, marketing team at our disposal every day. Let’s take advantage of this and start promoting Success Stories that often go unnoticed.

Team Network is able to promote member Success Stories in a BIG way.
When you encounter a fabulous experience with a member, let us know. Spend a few minutes and write a brief overview of the member and why your experience was memorable. Include their name, company name and website and we will make sure your Success Stories are highlighted on the website, Weekly Update email and Trusted Partners weekly email.

Our goal is to make sure all members are recognized for their contributions, not only by their team, but the entire Team Network organization. We will also mention these successes in our Team Network Social Media posts which will bring even more attention to our stellar members. With our Trusted Partner Program and other on-going initiatives we can expose these businesses to over 50K new eyes every month. It is all a part of why Team Network works!

Don’t keep your successes a secret. Share your stories and we will help market these SUCCESSES in a BIG way thereby creating incredible exposure for members and potentially new business opportunities.