Team Network Connect is looking for expert trainers and speakers who are willing to sponsor one of our Breakfast Workshop Events by providing a 30-minute workshop geared to helping business professionals. ($100 Sponsorship Fee)

We are looking for high-content presentations (not 30-minute sales pitches) to help in the areas of speaking, selling, training, leadership, and money.

You can provide, hand out, or display your marketing materials at the event and we will provide you with a list of attendees.  Our breakfast events are attended by 30 to 50 business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs who come from all over the DC/VA/MD area.

Team Network Connect is an offshoot of Team Network.  Its mission is to help female business leaders connect to the resources and people they need to grow their business.  Team Network Connect is open to men and women and our monthly meetings are structured to provide high-quality education and networking opportunities.

To apply to be a speaker at one of our monthly breakfast meetings please provide:

  1. A speaker sheet containing your contact information, credentials and potential speaking topics.
  2. Speaking topics should list 2-3 big takeaways our guests will receive after hearing your presentation.
  3. A link to a Speaker Reel (if you have one) showing you in front of an audience.
  4. Link to your Website

Please send your information to speakers@teamnetwork.com. All inquiries will be responded to.

Thank You,

Team Network Leadership