B2B/B2C Morning, Lunch, Happy Hour & Evening Networking Events – Free to Attend

Team Network Corporation had been launching Networking Groups in Maryland for the past 25 years.  B2B (Business 2 Business) and B2C (Business 2 Consumer) events are scheduled every week in the mornings, lunch time, Happy Hour and in the evenings at various locations.

If you are a non member visiting our upcoming events for the first time it is FREE to attend one of our networking groups.

B2B (Business 2 Business)
Team Network is providing a special opportunity to those people who are generating 75% or more of their gross sales with other businesses as opposed to everyday consumers. If you feel you fit into that criteria, you will be able to become part of a Team Network group that typically meets twice per month and would be made up of people in business categories such as commercial Real Estate, Advertising Companies, Business Coaches, IT Service Companies, Business Bankers, CPA’s, Business Law Attorneys, Commercial Insurance Agents, Office Equipment Sales People, etc. These groups typically meet in the morning or during the lunch hour.

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