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Why join Team Network?

It’s our OOB Formula: Options + Opportunities = Business

The mission of this group is to help members grow through the collaborative exchange of advice, experience, education, mentor-ship and introductions.

About Team Network

The people you would meet at a Team Network function are entrepreneurial in nature. You would find mostly a room full of business owners. You would also find presidents of companies, managers, independent contractors and top-level sales people. The members of Team Network are positive, optimistic and friendly. They believe in maintaining high standards of honesty and integrity in the way they do business. They also believe that building a business by word-of-mouth is the best way, and they want to associate with others who feel the same.

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Some of our Benefits

  • Free Marty event attendance
  • Visit other TN group events
  • Send emails to your Entire Team
  • Listing for your business with your website link in the TN membership directory
  • B2B Team memberships
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Client Testimonials

  • I am Erica Palmisano and I help small organizations make big impressions with print, web, social media messaging and design. I joined Team Network at a pivotal time in my career. I had stepped back from full-time employment but wasn't completely freelance yet. The members of my local team were welcoming and helpful. They wanted to find me leads, tools, and vision for my business. That made it easy for me to look for referrals for them and supply information from my specific expertise. I'm full-time freelance now, and my business is growing at a steady clip. I am so grateful for their open-hearted and open-handed support.

    Erica Palmisano Design
  • I have a combined success story on Francis Ramirez. Last year he volunteered to worked with my church with their free health fair in Montgomery County and even negotiated a deal to provide increased publicity for the event, all without asking for anything. Then he showed up to volunteer for the event. He took a vested interest in a community event with no thought of what was in it for him. That is the sign of a caring person. He has also taken special interest in doing what he can to provide opportunities to everyone in our Team Network group. He has given great referrals to my company and we are doing what we can to return those opportunities to him.

    Robert Baker – SpaceAge Consulting LLC
  • Team Network has been an absolute blessing in our lives! We started our independent jewelry appraisal service in 2003. Shortly afterward we met a Team Network member banker who suggested that we check out this networking group to which she belonged. She told us that the founder of Team Network, Curt Kowalski, leads a classic rock cover band called Breakaway that was playing in a local club a few evenings later so we went and introduced ourselves. Curt invited us to come to a Marty and see if we would be a fit. Now, 13 years later, it is still a great fit! Throughout the years we’ve conducted countless business transactions with respected and talented members of Team Network. Our business not only flourished in Team Network, but we have made life-long friends and the connections have taken us far beyond what we could have imagined. Heck, our new Team Network member CPA Barbara Ames has SAVED us enough money on our taxes to pay the membership dues several times over! The slogan is “Networking Business With Pleasure” and that defines this organization perfectly. We have done business with much pleasure but more importantly, we have developed relationships with many people that we would not otherwise have had an opportunity to meet.

    Sherlene Bradbury – Yantz Bradbury & Associates
  • Curt Kowalski is the President of Team Network. Before my networking days, I had a friend that whenever I needed something, he knew who I could call. I was always curious how he knew someone. Then Curt came along and I joined Team Network. I am now that person with Curt as my mentor. Thank you making me the person I have become in the networking community.

    Todd LaBorwit – Topaz Mortgage
  • Becky Briggs of Our Gift Biz has been helping me with gifts for my clients, wedding party, and referral source clients for a long time. The thoughts behind her gifts leave an impression on the receiver for such a long time that I still get compliments months/years later.

    Todd LaBorwit – Topaz Mortgage
  • Beyond the new business, which has been great, the level of professionalism I have experienced using the Team Members has made it easy to recommend them confidently to my friends, family, and customers.

    Jeff Bulman – The Original Pancake House
  • I recently had a few pieces of my jewelry appraised by Yantz Bradbury Associates. Wow, what a great job! The most noteworthy thing is she notified me of my husband's family heirloom ring. If he continues to wear it without fixing the fracture in the diamond, it could go from being worth thousands to a tenth of what it's worth. Thanks Sherlene. You are a talented and gifted gemologist. If you're looking for a gift idea, give a certificate to Yantz & Bradbury. Maybe your piece is worth double today! Important for insurance purposes too.

    Samar Caverly – Remax Premiere Selections
  • I won a free one-hour service with Donna Dettling, Organizer. She came on time, we jumped right into the project, and she was so good, I recruited her services for additional hours. Donna is easy to work with, she helps you do a tough task that nobody wants to do by talking you through it, and uses her time very wisely. I recommend hiring her for your office, garage, bedroom, basement.... anywhere you need her! Men, this is a great gift to yourself and your significant others!

    Samar Caverly – Remax Premiere Selections
  • I hired Susan Bell to 1) consult with me about my yard, 2) come up with designs to consider and 3) do a spring clean up last week. Wow is she incredible. I have known Susan for years and have always appreciated her expertise as a master gardener. Now that Susan and her team have come and done their magic clean-up, I look forward to the next steps we undertake. It feels good to get a jump on spring and have the clean-up behind me, and to know that I have an expert guiding me in the right direction. Thanks Susan!

    Becky Briggs – Our Gift Biz
  • When I started in Team Network I was only six months as a sales person selling ad specialties. Through the Team contacts I began building my client base. It created the opportunity to start my own company! I’ve been a proud Team Member for 25 years now and the new ideas and referrals just keep coming.

    Karin Arnette – Karin’s Custom Images